About Ezyhanger

Garments, Clothes, Accessories..you have met the right place.

EzyHanger is a one stop resource for a variety of heavy duty and premium stainless steel hanger brand that promises distinctive design that makes a brilliant laundry organizer.

Since 2001, we’ve worked hard to make laundries more appealing and functional at the comfort of your home. EzyHanger has all the solutions you need for managing your laundry, be it wall mounted models, free standing or ceiling mounted. Iconic models such as the Retractable Clothes Hanger EH2000, the Free Standing Clothes Hanger EH3000 are known as the model that started the revolution in the way clothes are organized, and they continue to be highly sought after models and must have for every home. EzyHanger is proof positive that form and function are one.

As a competitive seller of quality, the demonstrative of the brand’s commitment to care in how its products are made and its practicality in all sorts of different areas and conditions, EzyHanger is relentless in innovating new ideas and solutions through continuous design and development of new and improved products.

If you’re like most people, your laundry room could use a little organization help. Laundry room organization is actually a very simple process if you have the right tools in place. Here are some features you should take advantage of to make laundry day efficient and painless. It is our vision to continue championing THE SPIRIT OF A GOOD HANGER throughout the region, and our mission to exceed the expectations of users everywhere.

Here are the list of the products we offer,

  • Free Standing Clothes Hanger
  • Foldable Clothes Hanger
  • Heavy Duty Free Standing Clothes Hanger
  • Retractable Clothes Hanger
  • Shoe Rack with Umbrella Holder
  • Free Standing Extendable Rods
  • Multi Purpose Foldable Clothes Hanger
  • Accessories and Spare Parts